New CarmelFest parade policy: No candy allowed

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  • Kelly Quinn

    Ridiculous…taking away the fun of our youth…just another part of Amerciana going away. Sad. Parades with candy tossing has been done for decades. If parents are concerns for their child’s safety, then stay out of the parade line.

  • Julie Bolejack

    Well, come see us after the parade – Gelato AND Chocolate 🙂 Chocolate for the Spirit 301 E. Carmel Drive – in same shopping strip as McNamara florists

  • Todd

    So we’ve never experienced an injury or incident, but were doing away with a special part of the Carmel Parade that children love most? I understand placing limits; however, we need to remember what makes the event special.

    • Wendy Milejczak

      I totally agree, such a disappointing choice. I wonder when the parade itself will be deemed too dangerous….?

  • sschilt

    Really disappointed by this decision. My family has attended this parade for several decades now and the candy was one of the biggest draws for the children. Unfortunately, this parade is no longer a “can’t miss” event for my kids.

  • Eric Morris

    Now I know what gets the bread-and-circuses crowd fired up: stealing candy from babies at the annual worship the US Empire’s military parade. Not crazy debt Ponzi schemes by Brainard, forced annexations, or the bombing and droning that that military does.

  • Emily Mitchell
  • E. Mitchell
  • Matt Self

    My name is Matt – Carmel parent of 4 and I’ll bring a wheelbarrow of candy for all the kids. As a Brit who loves living in Indiana, I’m not going to let Ebenezer Scrooges win this round…..may even throw some too 🇺🇸

  • Nate

    Sad! I grew up with the carmel parade! Back in 1990’s I was in scouts and we ALWAYS gave out candy. It was a big part of the FUN of the parade. I guess there will also be no need for the plastic fireman’s hats!!! Those were used to collect candy in.

  • Fred Yde

    Really….really? Oh come on… Maybe the bands should all wear swimsuits so the marchers don’t get too hot and pass out, crushing their instruments into their chest and ruining a possible career in music. What a bunch of baloney…

  • Charles Haywood

    The CarmelFest Parade Director is Peggy Powell. According to their website, “We welcome your suggestions and ideas for the parade. Just send an e-mail to Peggy” Everyone should email her.

  • Weaver

    If I tell my son (and nephews, nieces, etc) that they won’t be tossing out candy, their interest level will drop. If it wasn’t for that one facet, I don’t think the kids would stay engaged for half the parade. It seems to be so much more saturated with advertising now anyway. *Before anyone says it, I know that the parade isn’t all about candy, but let’s face it….it’s the reason the kids get excited! The number of people who attend the parade will drop. I’d bet the farm on it. If not this year, then next year after it becomes common knowledge that candy is no longer part of the show. If decreasing attendance was the goal…..Well Done!!!