Neighbors concerned about height limits changing in Old Town

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  • I can agree with the Mayor we do not need industrial space.

    Rest assured the Mayor’s comments through a City Official that :
    ” they (Carmel citizens) have built in safeguards and in many cases this zoning rule will lower the heights allowed if single story homes are adjacent.

    “There’s been a lot of concern about something similar to Sophia Square, and we’ve tried to address that and apply the same thing to the C-2 rezone on West Main Street,” he said. We’re listening but we’re also trying to balance high-priced real estate and density and the development goals that the city has with a respect and sensitivity for existing residents.”
    These “safeguards” are not worth the paper they aren’t written on.

    Top Ten List – Weasel words and meaningless commitments stated in above comment::

    #10) “built in safeguards”; #9) “in many cases”; #8) “lower allowed”; #7) “we’ve tried”; #6) “We’re listening”; #5) “but also trying to balance”; #4) “the development goals of the city”; #3) “with respect” #2) “and sensitivity” #1) “for existing residents”.

    It amounts to a “Trust Me!”.

    From Mayor Gladly pay you Tuesday?