My thoughts: Proud of civil debate about Carmel’s anti-discrimination ordinance

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  • Larry Verrill

    Very good article Adam……….

  • Adam Thank you nice article. I would like to say 1 point for those of faith and businesses. Please try to look at the other side.
    When someone says they have the right to believe as they please, that is correct, however, in the public square we must all be equal. Do we want a country like Iran where you are told how to dress and act based on one religious order, or do we want a country where we respect each other. On the face religious objection sounds understandable, but please look at it from the other side. The baker may think they are doing nothing wrong, they may say I am not discriminating but my religion does not allow me to bake your wedding cake. That sounds good, but hear what the LGBT couple is hearing. What your doing is a sin and disgusting. There is no way I am going to be involved with you filthy lifestyle. Leave my store and never come back.
    I’m sorry but that is discrimination. I cannot imagine Jesus thinking that.
    Now what if the baker just baked the cake. Does that mean they agree, or that they just baked a cake like they always do.
    Or, if I really cannot make themselves do it, they said, oh May 14th, I’m sorry I am all booked up that day. The LGBQ couple may think or know that it was a lie, but what they heard did not embarrass them or belittle them.
    There are those who say well my religion requires me to teach or act the same way I would in church. To this I say maybe it does, but doing that violates my religious rights so NO you cannot act the same way in your church as you do in the public square.
    Again we can disagree and fight over our perceived rights or we can get along in harmony. As a non-Christian I could turn on a stranger who wished me a Merry Christmas and say something like, I do not celebrate Christmas and how dare you make an assumption that I do. However, instead I just smile and say same to you.
    Which do you think is better?