Murky future

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  • Ed

    Sell it off to Simon Malls and make owning the debt part of the deal. I suppose we can delay for another few years, but I doubt this area will recover.

  • Michael G

    Here’s a novel idea – rather than funding competing retail spaces with city dollars (City Center), let the market decide where the businesses are needed. How is it that we are one of the most valuable retail markets in the state, yet our mayor and redevelopment commission are reluctant to admit that there’s enough demand to support self-sufficient development? There was no need to interfere in the first place. Jeff Speck’s designs and the entire NU movement are done on paper with zero respect for the market. It was this type of idiotic planning that led to our city’s general fund having to bail out Brainard’s commission $200 million dollars a couple weeks ago. How does the richest city in the state get in such a big hole? The unintended consequences are just staggering. I don’t blame the council for not having the appetite to further fund these pyramid schemes. Had we not paid for half of city center (a private development), there wouldn’t be as much of a surplus in retail space. And the year City Center opened, it was the only major retail center to do so in a down year. There were virtually no privately invested dollars in such projects across the state during that recession year, and all we did was sponsor new retail competitors in a saturated market. This was a bastardization of free market principles, and totally unnecssary. How about we NOT double-down and do the same thing over and over for once?