Monon Lake project makes it way to Carmel City Council

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  • Teri Su Garske

    Lake Ugg should be cleaned up as a part of ANY deal. This lake holds cars, appliances, bottles, cans, car oil, you name it. I’m sure it was used as a Dumping Ground and Party Venue for many years. It would be nice to have it be used as a so called “recreational” lake as named in previous articles. City Council should take a four wheeler back there and actually experience it to see what it is really like. As for the housing, I don’t live that close, but a nice one story home neighborhood for empty nesters is very much needed in Carmel. Is this the area for it? I’m not sure, but I sure would like this area to stay more park like and money allocated to cleaning up the lake and keeping the “green” land in tact if a neighborhood goes up there.

    • Eric G

      I grew up there since I was in preschool and my parents still live in college meadows, over 30 years now. I would never defend the how bad the lake is and would love to see it cleaned up, but the idea of putting 43 homes back there is crazy. There is already enough problem getting in and out of there since the development of all the office parks and hotels on the other side of college years ago. Is Carmel or the developer going to give the residents their own traffic guard like the office parks have? There would only be 1 road back to those houses (101st street). Widening roads would do NOTHING in there. And the notion floated by the developer that these people would drive less is pretty weak. There are plenty of 1 story empty nester communities in Carmel. There are ones right across from Sunrise Golf Course, up on 116th between the Monon and Rangeline, Gray road has a very nice community. Carmel continues to try and land grab in this neighborhood through this deal, annexation, and the failed Lauth deal years ago where they were trying to buy out home owners that had been there for 30 plus years. I’m all for it being cleaned up and used by Carmel for a green space or trail extension, but 43 homes in an area that was tight for me my friends to ride our bike around is just greedy. Dollar signs for Brainard and the developer.

  • Larry Verrill

    I lived in Orchard Park for almost 40 years and I agree with pretty much everything Teri had to say especially cleaning up the lake.
    Probably the water in it should be tested for toxicity also………..