Monon Community Center likely to end free access to walking track

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  • Helen Thomas

    Figures…so now I’ll have to pay to walk in circles at the center that my money built? Brainard must need the dough to resupply the gold-plated toilet paper at his Moneypitalladium.

  • Eric Morris

    Adam, I am confused. Mark claims he’s been opposed to it being free, but hasn’t he been in charge of it since the design-phase? So then who decided it was free? The Board as opposed to their Executive Director?

    In other unrelated (pun) news, is Mark related to Susan Westermeir of the planning commission?

    • Adam Aasen

      Yes that is his wife.

      I believe it might have been a parks board decision

      • Eric Morris

        Thank you very much!

  • Lisa Moos

    This makes me sad as one that utilizes the track. There is a simple solution to keeping people from crossing into the workout area. ie. a wall or locked gate are simple and cost effective solutions. Many nights when I am there, there are a slew of families young and old socializing and getting exercise – hence the name, Community Center. What a shame to that the small thinking of one will ruin a great thing for many.

  • Kathleen Elizabeth Williams

    I have a paid membership at the Monon and I am going to go out on the limb and say the taxpayers have helped build this center and deserve to use the indoor track for free! I don’t feel entitlement as a paid member to have the track to myself and prefer to walk in harmony with all the folks trying to get a walk exercise on during their lunch break, etc..

    I’ve never noticed a security guard on duty by the gates. Sure, people could jump over the gate area if they really wanted too, but come on how much of this is really a problem and bother? How many people or kids? are doing this on a daily basis to merit such extreme measures?

    And if so, why not just raise the gates or put glass doors with the membership scanner there… what would this be like only a 5k investment?

    Monon Center Leadership Fail!!!

  • Eric Morris

    Mark just confirmed to me that the Board at the time did not take his nor the business consultants they hired recommendations that the design did not suit a non-fee track.

    Generally speaking, I prefer Boards that are not rubber stamps for their executives, but it sounds like the Board at the time disregarded logic in favor of emotion.

  • This seems like an excuse to change a policy that has caused no undo harm to the facility. All those darn seniors, they must create quite a havoc before the 4:30 dinner hour.

    No I am afraid Mr. Westermeier’s own comments, unless he was misquoted, gave the real reason he is taking this action.

    “We have been opposed to the track being free since before it was built,” he said. “It was never designed that way, and it’s been an operational problem since it’s opened.”

    I always hate stories where little is even estimated let alone quantified about the scope of the problem discussed in the story. How much is this actually occurring. Don’t they have video security where they could deal with the issue?

    I’m sorry give me some figures and let’s pretend there is no way to deal with this intractable issue beyond a users fee.

    Lets talk about cherry-picking your examples sir how many medicare policies cover silver sneakers?

    Let’s be specific. What are the fine problems we are facing and is the community safe?

  • Ed

    For security purposes alone I can understand this move. However, I’m sure a compromise could be found. Why not secure the door to the track so that only people a valid membership card may enter. Then offer Carmel residents who aren’t members free track cards that they would need to renew each year.