Monon Center plans $1.86 million expansion to handle growth

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  • Eric Morris

    Hopefully this iteration of the Parks Board is wise enough to trust the staff, consultants and engineers it has thought fit to hire on the details, so will not use a political decision to overrule an engineering one. I note the treasurer of that Board is now the President; hopefully with that Treasurer experience he understands Boards generally (dis)approve funds and make big picture decisions, not get into minutiae of where gates are located.

    Some Shakespearean foreshadowing of what I plan to present Monday night to the City Council. I am watching all this like a “H.A.W.K.” To borrow the typographical error your high-dollared outside counsel in the Home Place case mistakenly used on page 13 of its brief, I hereby dub this little kerfuffle the “Monon TRIAL” (intended).

  • Kathleen Elizabeth Williams

    Ok while it is in the design phase, I’m going to suggest a “spa or hot tub” in the pool area… that would further motivate me to exercise at the monon and make my post workout PERFECT.