Mayor proposes changes to Range Line Road, 126th Street

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  • Matt

    “It’s safer for pedestrians to cross because they can stand in the medians.” I think that’s called Jay walking which if you’re so concerned about safety should be enforced.

  • Mr. Ed

    How does our esteemed mayor expect traffic to turn left or right from the crossroads that are currently used by automobiles?

    “It really would be a grand entry into Carmel” says our esteemed mayor. A grand entry indeed, for all the folks who do not live in the area.

  • Doug

    As a resident of Carmel Meadows – a neighborhood north of 126th street – I find it annoying that councilors who do not represent the portion of the city where I live continue to take up a cause that directly impacts me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, multiple times throughout the day, in order to provide a solution for the handful of their constituents that perhaps might happen to travel through my part of the city at most 2 times a day, 5 days of the week. I would just love to see their reactions to my ‘helpful suggestions’ on how I can travel through their neighborhoods faster and more efficiently by removing a few pesky stops signs, so I can get to wherever it is I need to at the moment, saving 5 minutes during the trip. Oh, and a divided boulevard would be so helpful. This way I can completely pass one of the 3 entrances to my neighborhood and travel over to Keystone or Rangeline Rd so I can backtrack to a road opening.

  • Larry Verrill

    We’re going to take the politics out of this and let the city engineer handle it……..We’re going to do this………We’re going to do that……….
    WHERE DO YOU GET THIS ”WE STUFF” if we’re going to let the city engineer handle it all?? What this all means is the mayor is going to tell the city engineer what he wants and the engineer will come up with plans, but no politics will be involved.