Mayor lacks veto power to kill comprehensive plan that Carmel City Council passed with roundabouts removed

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  • Carmel Resident

    There is no need for a roundabout at either of those intersections! Traffic is already heavy at 116th and rangeline due to 31 closure. Closing off rangeline to add an unneeded roundabout seems like a waste of time and money. I drive through those intersections every day and I am perfectly okay with the way traffic flows! Say no to the federal money and leave it alone! If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it!!!

    • Kate2014

      I don’t think Brainard wants anyone to stop at the businesses in Carmel. Keystone and Meridian are both going to be freeways and he wants roundabouts at every intersection. Maybe this is part of the reason no restaurant can survive in Carmel.

  • “Plus, the roundabout was already paid for through federal money,” Brainard said.

    Is is it not correct that Federal $’s only cover about 1/3 of total cost of the project?

    I believe the following statement is accurate :

    The rest of the story: Fed funds – ONLY pay for construction costs. NOT utility movement. NOT Right of Way. NOT landscaping the center–certainly NOT maintaining it. NOT the cost to move Arby’s a half a block (the mayor’s own phrase).

    Bottom line: Construction is only about 35% of the TOTAL cost of
    a ‘normal’ roundabout. So, if my math is right it will pay only 31.5%
    of the entire cost. BUT factor in 2 things left unsaid last evening:
    The COST of buying the Arby’s property AND nothing is happening until the city gets some money to develop the Party Time property (which they do not have).

    These facts need to be spread and told.

  • Kate2014

    Roundabouts are NOT pedestrian friendly. Someone is going to get killed at Clay Terrace.

    • C. Bartowski

      I have to disagree. The problem in Clay Terrace is the traffic load is much too great for a place like Clay Terrace.

      I also think the speed limit in Clay Terrace should be better posted, and should be 25mph instead of 30mph.

      31 being under construction definitely doesn’t help. I would bet the people who would use Clay Terrace when 31 wasn’t under construction would be much more likely to yield to the pedestrians at crosswalks.

      • Kate2014

        People coming out of the roundabouts are shocked to see people in the cross walks. Also, people don’t yield to the pedestrians on the main road. It’s awful. They need to remove the roundabouts in Clay Terrace.

  • Carmel Resident

    I completely agree – Carmel doesn’t need more roundabouts especially at Carmel Dr/Rangeline. When is the last time there was an accident at that intersection? Most roundabouts are a nightmare during rush hour & I wonder how many fender benders have happened at Carmel Dr/116th roundabout.

  • Bre Brickel

    I live at the Roundabout at 116th/Keystone and have seen no less than 4 accidents there. All have been just fender benders. I don’t think roundabouts are the problem, I think poor signage and PEOPLE are the problem. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone just slam on their brakes and stop dead in the middle of the roundabout! You can’t do that!

    • C. Bartowski

      I know that intersection and I think a traffic circle is clearly the ideal choice there.

      When people do moronic things in traffic circles it results in them going into a curb, or a different kind of low speed accident. But when people do idiotic things at 4 way stops or stoplights they’re usually at much higher speeds. And a 4 way stop or stoplight requires very little concentration from the driver, so the driver is much more likely to be paying little attention to their surroundings.

  • Larry Verrill

    By the looks of the comments below, I’m “Johny-Come-Lately”…..I was glad to see the mayor could not veto the elimination of these round-a-bouts and this subject has bee a “Round-of-bouts” has it not…..Actually I am a fan, but a round-a-bout at Carmel Dr. and R.L.Road is a bad Idea. To many exits and entrances to businesses (Arbies and two gas stations and close to Krogers) and too much pedestrian traffic on the S.E. corner. Leave it alone!!!!! and take those ugly signs down off the railing………

  • Rick Sharp

    What the Mayor actually said was that the sole study on the subject of roundabouts and retail traffic was that the results were inconclusive. I will stick with the opinions of several prominent retail developers and a prominent business owner in the effected area. However, the Mayor is correct about elections!