Mayor Jim Brainard touts Carmel’s economic development in State of the City speech

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  • 123SNL456

    “Carmel remains one of the best values anywhere because of the low cost
    of living for the amenities and high quality of life provided,” Brainard
    said. “We want to be among the most beautiful, vibrant and successful
    cities anywhere — a place where we can enjoy working, playing and
    living, but more importantly a place where we all do more than just
    enjoy life and be a place where we can all thrive.”

    Interesting, but no coincidence that Mr. Brainard omits to discuss the amount of debt that Carmel has accrued under his “leadership”. The back-loading of the debt payment means that the majority of the tax increases will come due after Jim is gone.

    With the city council being a majority hand selected by Jim, get ready for more debt and “fee” increases.

    • minowe

      Hmmm, tax increases will come due “after Jim is gone”? I see no sign he EVER plans to leave, and the voters of Carmel seem to be AOK with everything he does.
      I wonder if they got the note from the city controller telling them that the city can no longer afford to pay for city storm sewers. Our Carmel Utilities bills have contained a charge for sanitary sewers for years, but now we’ll also be assessed for storm sewers on that same bill. For homeowners that’s around $5/month ($60/year), but gee, it’s not an increase in property taxes, is it.

      Brainard is proud of spending $80,000 each (that’s EACH) for a bunch of irritating life-size statues, dropped all around the downtown. And he’s already announced that, for all he still wants to do, property taxes will have to be increased. And yes, with the city council in his pocket, there seems to be nothing to stop him.

      I suppose we are flush with money, what with a darned low population of people in poverty being supported by other residents. But I know a lot of people living on fixed incomes who might well miss the $60 here, more dollars there, that Mayor Brainard will so merrily confiscate from them.

      I can hardly wait to see what he has in store for us as he attacks climate change/global warming/climate chaos/global climate disruption. I’m not clear exactly why he’s so gung ho to join in that hoax. Anyone know?

      • 123SNL456

        Climate change is a shtick …. similar to “walk-ability, investment in public infastructre (Palladium, City Center, etc.)

        The climate change supports Jim’s agenda of keeping the projects moving and using public funds $$ for the selected developers and no-bid consultants (engineers / architects). The desire to make the density of the core higher becomes the rationalization for the mixed use projects (work/live/play mantra that we have heard from the bobble heads) as well as giving TIF (later tax increases) to developers so that they will do, what they normally would not do (or as we have been told at a “higher” quality than they normally would do projects (do not mention the fiasco of the PedCore Reagan reflecting pool).

        Climate change (and the supposed fuel savings of 24,000 gallons / year / RAB) helps to offset the cost of the A/E fees, etc. for the 99 RABs constructed. (I wonder what the fees have been for the 99 RABs….likely a good return on the engineer’s investment to the campaign contributions to the Friends of Jim Brainard.)