Township boards decide: No mass transit referendum will be on November ballot

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  • Eric Morris

    I want to thank Mary and Matt for making the correct decision last night (and condolences to Mr. Bolin and his family). However, I also want to point out to my fellow people opposed to a tax increase (if anyone reads this!) that claiming that mass transit is subsidized while forgetting that the roads are also heavily subsidized by non-users does a great disservice to our cause. I don’t support tax increases, but at least road “user” fees bear a reasonable relationship to the product being used. If the mass transit folks want a more efficient road system and people to go on road diets, maybe we should lobby the Speaker of the House to lower spending on roads to the point that user fees cover the costs?

    Knowing they won’t lower spending, in a pick of battles of bad choices, I’d rather vote to increase user fees than income taxes. That way we at least have intellectual consistency on our sides when we argue against mass transit “subsidies”. My two cents; thank goodness it’s not my 0.25% of income at this point!

  • RKW50

    Calling these busses Mass Transit, is a joke. Light rail, any rail, that can carry folks over, or under intersections might just follow that description. All these busses will do, is tie up traffic, and reduce car lanes. Again, its the same old story…….follow the money, and you will see who wants this.

  • Diane Henderson Thomas

    Good news. The buses from Carmel and Fishers to downtown failed. We don’t need this and I don’t want to pay for it. Politicians work for us and they don’t know what is best for us!