Market District and GetGo hiring hundreds for Carmel locations opening fall 2015

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  • Rkw50

    So this is the grand plan sold to the voters as a premier shopping destination. Where are the bridges, water features, high paying jobs? Shame on you City council and Mayor, selling us this bill of goods, for a HUGE market we don’t need in our area. A McDonalds? Do we really need another McDonalds in carmel? Look at all these minimum wage jobs, importing people to work at these places, and they can’t even afford cars, so they are shuttling them in. High Paying Jobs? (no, I am not being politically correct) I know if I still had young children, they would NOT be allowed to walk to this monstrous development alone. I most certainly don’t wish my wife to walk there alone, with 500 and many more strangers all of a sudden invading our neighborhood, directly across from homes we saved to acquire, and maintain this many years. You are changing a wonderful place to live, into your “Urban Plan” with a normal, plain, shopping center. Now, to the City. What will you do with an empty Marsh at Merchants Plaza? What will you do with Market District in 5 years, when they decide their sales per square foot don’t support a store that size? Make it another conference center? A paint ball range?