Macaroni Grill closes its Carmel restaurant

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  • Cmb

    I think they closed because they didn’t have enough parking

  • Meyerdude

    Go downtown and get some real Italian food Iria’s or

  • Dingo

    Downtown sucks. Support local restaurants like J. Razzos and Sangiovese.

  • CarmelGuy

    I always liked going there and there was almost always a crowd. It must have been mis-managed? Maybe a Vietnamese restaurant will take over?

    • Merle Vanderhagen

      The GM was there 12 years and was a great guy. People just stopped coming in after the parkway was finished. Sometimes only 4-5 guests at lunch. It was sad to watch a good guy go down in flames. I ate there every week. The parkway also took out Longhorn and Carrabas if you recall.

  • guess who

    LOL. The only surprise is that it lasted as long as it did with THE worst service and attitude of their rude staff

    • Merle Vangerhagen

      The staff was WAY more polite than the guests. They put out great food and had some great people working there, who all lost their jobs. Congratulations Carmel for killing another set of dreams with your snobbiness.

  • Jerry Torr

    Dingo – Where is Sangiovese reopening?

  • Larry Verrill

    I always had a good meal there. Sorry to see it go, but almost every thing on the south side of 116th st. between Keystone and AAA Way has closed. The closing of almost everything in Merchant’s Square and new redevelopment elswere has caused this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marsh closed too in the near future. A perfect example of redevelopment in new areas causing slums in another.