Looking ahead: 2016 to bring changes in roads, government, development

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  • Yes big changes are in store.

    Last week with most of Carmel out of town or celebrating the New Year the Mayor crafted a 433 page “packet” released on New Years Eve for Monday nights City Council meeting.

    How long have the worked on this and how is it it received NO oversight or discussion with the “NEW” Council yet THEY ARE SET TO PASS IT MONDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 4th, before most Carmel residents are completely unpacked?

    Here is a link to the “Packet”: http://www.carmel.in.gov/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=6627

    Here is the ‘Good News’!

    Those who wanted a tax increase will get one!


    BOND (Tax Increase) Referenced 3,986 times in the Common Council Packet!
    RATE (Tax Increase) Referenced 525 times No more opt out on Trash and 3% Annual COLA starting Jan 2016.
    LEASE (Tax Increase) Referenced 495 times Commonly used to avoid having to report DEBT
    SALE (PsuedoTax?) Referenced 445 times May be used with the word LEASE
    COLA (Tax Increase) Referenced 26 times COLA not just a word that follows Coke

    Yes, 6 out of 7 City Councilors demonstrate and agree YOUR TAXES are headed UP!

    Happy New Year!