Local Muslims respond to Trump administration’s travel ban

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  • Questions

    Why didn’t Mr. Ali Al-Rawi protest or seek to express his concern in 2011 when President Obama banned refugees from Iraq for over six months in 2011? Hmmm.

    • Brian Long

      I know you Trump supporters are authoritarian personality types that, once you have a set of thoughts in your heads, they are virtually impossible to change, in spite of all of the proof shown to you. But I guess I am a little stubborn myself and continue to try and scale the mountain of your stupidity by offering up truths….you know what those are right.

      Neither President Obama nor the State Department banned or stopped those applications entirely; the slowdown affected a single type of visa from a single country unlike Trumps which banned all entry from several countries. The slowdown occurred in order to implement enhanced screening procedures, which remained in place in January 2017. And why were these changes implemented. Depends upon whom you talk to, Kellyanne will tell you it is because of the Bowling Green Massacre. In truth, it was because two bad refugees did make it to the U.S. (Bowling Green to be exact)and it was later learned that they had manufactured explosives while in Iraq and were attempting to continue that practice while in the U.S. although for use in the Middle East. Its called cause and effect. Now, try and point to an example of why Trump did what he did.

      Go ahead, I will wait.

  • Eric Morris
  • prfssrpah

    The first and foremost responsibility of a nation is to protect its sovereignty and to protect and secure the safety of its citizens. It cannot do so without borders that are defined and defended. To allow unlimited, unrestricted, and non VETTED numbers across its borders is the same as having no borders. Those that wish to enter the USA (please note that it is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT to be an immigrant) must be thoroughly VETTED to prevent those who wish to harm its citizens from entering. Those that wish to enter this country must be prepared to accept its culture, its language, its customs and to assimilate to the American values; otherwise they should not be allowed into this country. Refugees are especially puzzling as they are leaving their country for safety sake; they not only should be VETTED but only allowed into the USA for a short time, that is until their own country has been stablized and then sent back to it. Any refugee entering must be sponsored by an organization with that organization responsible for housing and supporting that refugee until the refugee is capable of supporting him/her and family without governmental support. No refugee should be allowed into the USA and immediately placed into the welfare system. In addition, no refugee should be sent to towns and cities and states that do not wish them. The entire system of refugees: selecting them, Vetting them, distributing them, supporting them needs to be reviewed and revised. One last question: why are 99% of refugees from Middle East Muslim? Why are there so few Christian refugees? It would appear the Christian refugees would be much easier to assimilate and more willing to do so? More questions than answers.