Limited number of applications being accepted for Carmel dog park

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  • Eduardo

    I don’t dislike any of these restrictions.

  • RKW50

    DNA test for my dogs? Um….thats a bit over the top. Not the price, but the test itself. I’ll pass. Amazing all us dog owners have gotten along all these millennia without this.

    • ModestMuse

      The whole point is to encourage pet owners to clean up after themselves. Seems like a good way to keep people honest.

      • RKW50

        That sounds like a great outlook on the idea, but get real. The whole point is someone has created a new business model, and sold it to Carmel, as well as other locations. No thank you, I’ll just carry a plastic bag, and ignore the for-profit locations. $10 here, another $10 added to cable bill, another 5-10 added to the water bill (oh thats not an additional tax, is it), these fees can really add up over time. There are other dog parks that don’t require such an intrusion. Now we are gonna have poop police, tickets, wasted time, lawyers, etc etc. Over DOG POOP!! ROFL