Letter: Turn signals at roundabouts are safe, courteous, right

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  • Mark

    Great letter.

    It is all common sense to those of us who drive courteously.

    In fact it is the law to use your turn signals at “all” intersections.

    “An intersection is any place where two or more roadways meet, whether or not one road crosses the other. ”


    • A. Paronish

      The code states that the turn signal needs to be continuously for no less than 200 ft before turning. Can this be accomplished in all roundabouts. Also, I use a roundabout on 96th street if traffic is too busy to make a left turn, which means I go all the way around.. How should that be handled? Also, intersections with traffic lights and stop signs don’t have yield signs like roundabouts do. Finally, Karen’s letter above mentions not using a turn signal if you are going straight through the roundabout as you would at a four way stop or traffic light. If you were going east-west through a roundabout, for example, the car sitting at the opposite “exit” of the roundabout would not be able to see that you didn’t turn your signal on upon entering and that you were exiting where they reside. Therefore, wouldn’t the person who is going straight need to signal directly after passing the first exit”that they are turning right so that the person sitting at the exit they intend to take would know it was okay for them to enter? I don’t see why it is difficult to simply yield.

      • Bill Grider

        Would someone explain to me:
        1) What does a turn signal in a roundabout mean? Does it signal that a car is turning OUT of the roundabout or signaling that the car is continuing in an arc to the next roundabout exit?

        2) How soon before the “turn” do you need to put your signal on? Some of these roundabouts are so small that you barely get into it before you’ve hit an exit. Example: the Carmel Dr/Rangeline Rd. roundabout. That thing might as well be a 4-way stop.

        And two comments:
        1) Maybe if they kept the center of the roundabouts clear of obstructions like fountains, statues, tall plants, etc. that block a driver’s vision then roundabouts would be much safer. All of that stuff plus maintenance has got to cost more than signal lights.

        2) I’d be so busy fiddling with my own turn signal lever, watching the signals of other cars, and trying to figure out what their signal means that I would not be able to concentrate on the road or traffic.

        I’m all for safe driving and the use of turn signals at traditional intersections but turn signals in roundabouts would require training of all drivers.

        • ModestMuse

          Bill, the obstructions in the roundabouts are very intentional. You should only be yielding to vehicles already in the roundabout and those approaching from the left. You should not be yielding to vehicles approaching the roundabout from the opposite direction across the roundabout from you. You would be holding up traffic if you wait for these vehicles to approach and navigate the roundabout.

  • Concerned Driver

    Karen-Are other drivers supposed to assume where you entered the roundabout and, in turn, know where you’re leaving based on a turn signal?

    Many of our roundabouts, especially two lane, have multiple signs and lane markings that clarify which lane goes where. Drivers simply need to be aware of lane designations prior to entering the roundabouts.

  • Brian Williams

    This logic is flawed. At a typical intersection all vehicles meet near the same point which allows other drivers to identify the intended destination via turn signal because you can see which direction they started. In a roundabout that isn’t always the case like any roundabout on keystone north of 96. How about 136/Meridian?

  • Robert E. Waring

    Just another way for this financially and morally bankrupt city to steal more money from the citizens. Do they include information about driving in a plethora of unnecessary and expensive roundabouts in the drivers ed program in Carmel? Are there questions on the drivers license exam about Roundies? I don’t know, I’ve not taken one lately. Doesn’t matter really, rules don’t apply to most in Carmel. if you’ve lived here long enough, you already know that. There are people more important than you living here.