Letter: Trump’s remarks should not be supported

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  • Patrick

    You are right on! Thanks for writing.

  • Ed


  • Oldguyy

    Sorry Jack, but you’ve been duped by the fake news site NY Times. The incident never happened. You should consider the source of your information before blindly believing it.

    • 2 Pedals 2 Wheels

      Video Evidence of “Fake News”


      Everyone needs to realize the resistance to him is not because he is part of a party, but that he is not going to represent a single one of us.

  • Brian McGrath

    Trump was not mocking a disabled person, as he explained many times. You need to move on from this.

    Contrast the media’s treatment of this story to when newly elected President Barack Obama compared himself to a special olympics athlete when describing to a late night TV host how poorly he bowled. Crickets.

    Can you say double standard?

  • Mike Carmel

    Are these trumpers really this stupid?