Letter: Trucks where no truck should go

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  • Larry Verrill

    Good for you Beth……I have commented on this problem many times thru many venues much to no avail. Several of Carmel’s
    round-a-bouts are to small for semis, moving vans, RVs and worst of all fire trucks. Hindering a fire truck’s movements can be and will be a life threatening situation. I can not imagion why the Carmel Police are not ticketing semis for use-ing Main St. as a short cutduring the U.S. 31 construction.

  • Thorvington Finglethorpe

    It was an idiotic decision to put a roundabout so small into downtown Carmel. You do realize that those “quaint” businesses have to get goods delivered somehow, right? Can’t wait to see how much more expensive everything sold in Carmel is about to get. Trucking companies won’t “adjust their routes”–they’ll just do what they do in New York, London, and other densely populated areas with extremely narrow streets: They’ll stop delivering there. Merchants will then have to pay another firm with a smaller truck to carry their goods into downtown.

    Good luck with that!