Letter: Say ‘no’ to Monon Lake destruction

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  • Larry Verrill

    I have received only one e-mail comment since I wrote the above letter and that person informed me I didn’t have all my facts straight so I would like to make some corrections. First this “water area” was formed when the Highway Dept. contractor formed a borrow pit for construction of I-465. Who dubed it “Monon Lake” I don’t know, but it seems to have been excepted as such. Next it seems that the PUD would take care of the lake stabilization and the HOA would maintain it after that. There will be two streets in and out of the subdivision……101st St. and Marwood Dr. and two paths connecting the area to the Monon Trail.
    It will be a shame and a tradgedy to change this area from the way it exists today to build an unneeded subdivision for a greedy developer………..Thank you.