Letter: Roundabout turn signals avert disaster

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  • Alex Porterfield

    Dear City Council members. With the proposed roundabout turn signal ordinance failing and leaving the intersections of Carmel dangerously unsafe, how about we propose and discuss some traffic ordinances that actually make our streets safer. It just so happens, I have a few.

    First, how about making U-turns illegal. We currently live in a city where roundabouts are being built at a feverish pace, to a point where if a motorist misses their turn, chances are there will be a roundabout within 1/4 mile for them to turn around. Case in point, there are numerous U-turns made at the traffic light at Clay Terrace. If only there were large round objects within Clay Terrace that people could “drive around” and return the opposite direction. Oh wait there’s not only one such object, but 2 round objects within 200 yards of each other, yet people still feel the need to make an unnecessary U-turn (sometimes resulting in the dreaded 3 point turn where they have to back up to avoid hitting the curb) in the middle of them.

    Second, How about “No Turn on Red” signs at the intersection of the High School and Library. These signs currently exist in all 4 directions at Rangeline and Main St (although few people seem to notice them, let a lone obey them). This intersection has high vehicle and pedestrian traffic early in the morning and mid afternoon. Restricting traffic flow during the high pedestrian windows seems like a no brainer!

    Both of these ordinances improve road safety by eliminating unecessary movement, and would also be easily enforced.