Letter: Roundabout improvements a waste of money

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  • Terri

    I couldn’t agree more! When it comes to Carmel and Mr. Brainard, I feel as if I’m living in a real life version of the Pottersville scenes of “It’s a Wonderful Life!” Much of what is done in this town is done to feed his ego rather than to serve the people who pay his salary. And now that he has a group of yes men on the city council he has complete, free reign to turn Carmel into his own twisted little utopia.

  • Steave Green

    I agree with the author that it is waste of money. I don’t understand why the mayor wants to spend so much money for this park. I think that there are a lot of objects in the city that need the money. I suggest to use this money for school, hospital and other good things. And for construction of roundabouts let the mayor get pay day easy loans online and do it if he wants. This is just my opinion but I think that citizens have a right influence on the money distribution.