Letter: Rescinding the opt-out for city trash collection not a good decision

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  • RKW50

    This is a pattern we have seen during the current administration. They tell us what is good for us, and push the result on us whether we like it or not. Personally, I hope Ray’s sues over this issue. We use Rays and prefer it. Less restriction, great service, and if you have odd items to dispose of, they are just a phone call away. Watch for our trash collection rates to increase every year if this goes through. What happened to freedom of choice?

    • Jane K

      Ray’s is much more customer friendly!! They will pick up more each week than Republic. I had Republic many years ago and changed because I found them terribly rude. When you watch Republic trucks it’s like they are in a race to see how fast they can drive and empty receptacles, and they come through my neighborhood twice each week, once for trash and once for recycle. How does this cut down on the amount of truck traffic. Pretty soon we will all have to paint our houses the same color. I hope we all like the color the mayor chooses. He and his “well appointed” (people who will agree with him regardless of what is fair and right) councilmen. He has managed to get rid of all those who disagree with him. It is truly becoming a dictatorship.