Letter: Raise is worth living in a world class city

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  • vikramjatt11

    You are correct, the home values have maintained or gained. The Performing Arts Center is nearby. Downtown Carmel is safe. The police are great. Schools are top in the nation. And the roundabouts are the best. But as you said, this was all a “vision” for Mayor Brainard. The vision didn’t become reality without the help of hundreds of contractors and people who specialized in their respective fields, and those people were paid handsomely. With whose money? The taxpayers, the people who live in this city.

    There is nothing wrong with putting our tax money to good use, and I am glad it was used to make Carmel better. But that doesn’t mean it qualifies Mayor Brainard to become the highest paid mayor in the nation. The living expenses in Indiana are not so high, his salary makes perfect sense for what it is currently. Plus the proposed was not just for the mayor, it was for most of the members there. So just the mayor’s increase is a nickel per person, but when you add in all the other raises we have to pay for, it does not add up to a nickel per person. Adding up the proposed $50,000 mayor’s increase, $5,000 per council member, $29,000 increase each for fire and police chief, $25,000 increase for the judge, $5,000 for the clerk; all of this would not have added up to around $2.00 tax increase per head in Carmel. Yeah, it’s not much if you look at the amount, but our taxes increase each year, and this amount is not the only increase.

    The city currently has around $230 million debt, that’s around $2,705 per person. Why don’t we take care of our debt first, and then we can talk about raises. The mayor has been living a great life here for the past 20 years, if you think he is struggling with the income he has, then you are likely incorrect.