Letter: One reader doesn’t speak for all Christians

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  • You are committing a sin for baking a cake. Get real. That is silly. If you don’t agree with a LGBT wedding then admit it. You do not have to like what you do but you do not have the right to refuse in the public sector. A real Christain would bake he best cake they could, tell their customer to enjoy and tell them they were wrong in their opinion.

  • Mike Carmel

    First of all, you need a short history lesson. The founding fathers did not put “In God We Trust” on our money. http://www.treasury.gov/about/education/Pages/in-god-we-trust.aspx. It started after the Civil War. A cake is a cake is a cake. Listen very carefully; baking a cake is not gay sex. Honestly, where does this end. This can logically be taken to the next step. If you come up to the checkout at Marsh with a brick of cheese and bacon, the cashier could say “I refuse to serve you because I am Jewish and your dietary habits are against my religious convictions.” Or you go to McDonald’s, order a cola, and the server says, “I refuse to serve you because I’m Mormon and consuming caffeinated drinks is a sin.” Maybe we should start stoning people who work on the Sabbath, as the God in the Bible demands. This small homophobic Christian club keeps barking from the sidelines and refusing to come into the 21st century. They can stay behind and cling to outdated myths and notions if they want; it’s a free country.

  • Larry Verrill

    Good comment Mike…….It seems to me that ever one thinks that the LGBT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO ENTER A BUSINESS AND ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE LGBT PEOPLE. If they would just keep their mouths shut and go about living their lives, we wouldn’t have all these controversies. But, NO, they have to keep crying “discrimination” about something and stirring up trouble. People have a right to their own personal opinions, but they don’t have to go around expressing them out loud. People will be people no matter what the law and common sense says. Let’s be realistic about this whole business.