Letter: My response by Rick Sharp

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  • GeorgeP

    Well, Rick, had you been at the budget meeting instead of conveniently absent you could have voted against the mayor’s budget. Instead, I think you played it safe and purposely were gone. Typical politician..trying to have your cake and eat it too.
    And, you are right, one isn’t isn’t entitled to one’s own facts and given that your statement that there was a 43,000,000 shortfall when it is now clear that you conveniently forget toi mention the 70 million dollar reserve fund is exactly why you don’t have the trust of the community!

    • GeorgeP, If one would hope you would research, follow or be factual in your remarks they would be sorely disappointed. First it was announced at the City Council Meeting that due to an airline snafu Councilor Sharp was stuck out of town. It later was reported it was for Parents Weekend at his daughters University.

      Kind of kills your premise but not your continued incorrect assertions.

      If there is a magical $70,000,000 out there why was the Mayor literally begging the City Council to give him access to the rainy day fund to take care of simple service and maintenance?

      Here he asks for access to keep from “cutting promised services” with a whopping $1,000,000 rebuilding of the rainy day fund beginning in 2015.