Letter: ‘Giant cinnamon rolls’ blocking visibility at roundabout

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  • RKW50

    The mayor has addressed this before. He says when visual obstructions are placed in roundabouts, they slow the traffic, making the roundabout safer. Possibly, the person telling him this, is the same person who forgot to put an entrance to Keystone from 146th street. Personally, I think its safer to see across roundabouts, so you can see whats coming. But…..what do I know, the mayor is the expert;)

  • CoolCreek

    It keeps the drivers focus to the left and right and Cars on the otherside don’t matter. At night, without the cinnamon roles, a driver sees through the roundabout and may not realize it is there. That problem was obvious several times in the early days of these in Carmel.

  • Amy Doman

    Haters gonna hate. I like them. They look beautiful and make folks slow down!