Letter: Everyone wins if Indiana switches to Central Daylight Time

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  • RMW Smith

    ” Indiana teens have the second highest suicide attempt rate in the U.S. and the highest death rate due to car crashes. Studies show that more than 50,000 students are chronically absent each year…”

    And you’re trying to pin this on Daylight Savings Time? Let’s play along with this ludicrous concept and make an equally ludicrous, albeit just as valid statement; Indiana teens have the second highest suicide rate because they have a lousy education and they realize they may not be able to leave the state for a better job, and the crashes are due to frenzied driving on the part of the ones who are racing to get out of the state.

    ” In 2006, our state leaders decided that the confusion caused by not staying in sync with the rest of the US was hampering Indiana’s economic recovery…” That part if your statement is spot on. Indiana has been out of sync with the rest of the country since the 1890’s and probably earlier. It’s out of touch and out of sync on a variety of levels with mediocre education which breeds mediocre government by mediocre and out of sync politicians. Good Lord! Look at out esteemed governor as a prime example of that. Any state that almost elected Richard Mourdock as a senator and kept returning Danny Burton to office despite his atrocious inadequacies is prima facie evidence of being out of sync with common sense. You can’t blame Daylight Savings Time or not being in CST for the multitude of problems this state has. That finger pointing is properly aimed at the buffoons that the electorate of this state keep putting in office.

    Many of us enjoy the summertime benefits of longer daylight at the end of the day to do things outside with family and friends. Going to Central Standard Time would lop off the extra hour in the evening. The nonsense about children being at risk in the mornings because they’re waiting for a bus is fear mongering and sensationalism. Regardless of the time scheme used. at some point the students will be picked up when it is dark.

    Just as any blind squirrel will find a nut, the legislature got it right for once and correctly decided to follow the lead of the rest of the country and observe a reasonable time standard

  • avschamps

    The problem isn’t Eastern or Central time zone, the problem is people hate change and they are now forced to change their mind/body concept 2 times a year. I did notice there was no reference to the “statistics” that you mentioned. This is a laughable “post” at best.