Letter: Donald Sterling went off like a slave owner

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  • donjeep

    Yes it is fueled by the medias politically correct police, and the black activist that have no regard for the rule of law. I wonder Dan what thoughts are in your head that you would not like to be made public. By the way, social media justice is no better than the mobs that shouted “off with their heads” during the French revolution.

  • donjeep

    I have been to many NBA games and I notice that the majority of those attending are white. Do you really think Dan that a ghetto black kid is going to stop watching or playing in that he hopes his ball playing skills will be his ticket out? I do not see it. Ask the Madison Ave ad agencies that represent the NBA, are blacks the primary demographic of their advertising.? I do not think so.

  • Dan Grossman

    Hi DonJeep, since you are wondering what thoughts are going on in my head, I decided to share my novel Rogue Elephants, A Novel of the Peace Corps with you FOR FREE! No, you won’t find Sarah Palin going rogue there. But you will find a novel neither politically or ideologically correct. Many might, in fact, believe that it’s just not right! In any event it does reflect to some degree the thought processes going on in my head. Wasn’t it Flaubert who said, “Madame Bovary, c’est moi?” Click on: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dan-grossman/rogue-elephants-a-novel-of-the-peace-corps/ebook/product-21583916.html;jsessionid=321D84158F30D16DD13D6A475EAF07A3

  • BillT

    Hey, affirmative action is pure economics, too, so it’s totally fine.