Letter: Do not dictate garbage collection

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  • michelleyagerfrench

    Thank you Sonya! I was with Ray’s and went over to Republic for the first year! They were a hot mess! They skipped us many weeks, left garbage every where, many times took our cans a few houses down and the list goes on. I called the City and Republic and was laughed at by both! I was forced to pay 6 more months of Republic before I could cancel. The service was so bad I had to switch immediately back to Ray’s and was stuck paying 2 garbage pills for 6 months. The gentlemen that work for Ray’s are unbelievably friendly, timely and down right hard workers and on there other hand the Republic “thugs” would laugh as they skipped your house or throw your cans down street. Let’s not forget we live in USA and we deserve to pick who we want to hire for our services. Carmel needs to focus on many other issues!!!