Letter: Carmel High School school dress code? 

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  • Thorvington Finglethorpe

    Do you people get any letters from anyone besides neo-puritanical suburbanite whiners? If you do, maybe publish a couple of those and stop making our community seem like a bunch of prudish, finger-wagging old nags.

  • M. Rueffer

    I guess if you don’t like the dress code, you can always send your kids to a private school.

  • Robert Dickerson

    Nearing age 70, I see the trend in clothing change but happen to believe that these young students are far more mature than teens of years ago. How they dress does not reflect their positive role in society.

  • Greg

    Mam, I salute you for taking your children to school, and in doing so I’m sure you monitor and approve of what they wear, thus relieving their school of having to do so.
    May I suggest that this is the responsibility of every parent, regardless of their students’ age? Ultimately and finally the answer should be a resounding yes!
    Yet it doesn’t happen or the students’ parent’s opinion of what is appropriate or not doesn’t happen to match your standards. In making your judgement, you place the onus on CHS rather than where it properly belongs, with PARENTS. Mam, for all we know, the girl you mentioned may have been disciplined for her appearance…and she might also be a National Merit Scholarship Finalist!
    As a retired CHS teacher, I’m tired of our great school being blamed for any number of things that PARENTS AND PARENTS ALONE should have the responsibility for monitoring. I’m hopeful you are doing just that! Please encourage your fellow parents to follow suit. Our school and every school needs parents to teach their children how to dress and behave, before we try to educate them…

  • Senior Class President

    Internally our administration and teachers do the best they can to enforce proper dress code — I’ve seen teachers individually call out students right in the hallway about their uniforms. Right in our school pathways/handbooks — what you see when you drive by is banned.

    And policy is constitutionally what our school can only do when it comes to governing our student body; the rest is on the students and the parents.

    Most importantly, the parents. The parents are the ones who sees their students walk out the door before school; they for the most part are the ones who can actually enforce some control on what they wear.

  • Jeff Brant

    Look at Carmel’s education statistics and graduation rates along with how many graduates from Carmel go on to higher institutes of learning. Then look at those schools statistics that have uniforms and tell me where you want your kids attending school.