Letter: Car dealer network provides safety net for consumers

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  • Eric Morris

    Am I allowed to buy my horse-and-buggie and dodo birds directly from the manufacturer, or is a dealer legally guaranteed to get to skim off the top like car dealers here in the “Land of the Free”?

  • Scott Carlson

    So no Tesla? This is just corrupt politics.

  • ModestMuse

    The next op-ed will be a liqueur store advocating that Sunday sales will hurt consumers.

  • vikramjatt11

    Ed-Martin Buick-GMC, the only thing car dealerships care about is lining their own pockets. The whole “I’m your best friend, I’m on your side, this is the best deal my manager can give” persona is just to get you to spend thousands more than you want to, or to give you a higher price so their pockets can be heavier. That’s why the auto industry is lobbying with billions to keep Tesla from opening up more shops, they don’t want Tesla (and others) to sell directly to consumers.

    Sell your “What will happen when the hundreds of small Chinese auto manufacturers working to enter the U.S. market start selling cars in Indiana” BS somewhere else. If a Chinese car manufacturer is selling overseas in the US, they are not “small”. They still have to follow the same rules and regulations that go into building a car that can be sold in the US. All the crap in the cars you sell is chinese anyways, only thing American about it is the name. You are just scared that the competition comes in and you will no longer be able to line your pockets as much.