Letter: Can Carmel stop being so mean to kids?

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  • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

    King James has robbed us of all the fun – all must be sterile and safe for the kiddos and we must protect them from global warming with our useless roundabouts

  • RKW50

    Swans indeed are a great idea. (ever seen one attack a canoe)? If not that, my Lab needs a job between naps. Just don’t feed her bread. She’s on a low carb diet.

  • Worldview

    What a sad comment on our society, that fun must involve consumption of sugar.

    No, Brian, the ducks and geese cannot be removed by the city. They already tried that and the wildfowl keep coming back or new birds move in to the inviting spot the city has constructed for them. How odd that you think that keeping children safe from e-coli contamination is being “mean” to children.