Letter: A few points to consider regarding roundabouts

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  • Pamela Cunningham

    I am SICK TO DEATH of all the roundabouts in Carmel!!!! They do not help traffic flow. Prime example is 106th Street & Pennsylvania or 106th & Illinois among other locations. Traffic is constantly backed up in these locations for several hours daily. People avoid coming to Carmel because of these since they don’t feel comfortable driving in them , especially my elderly neighbors. Then there is the added cost of tires because they wear out quicker. Putting roundabouts at Range Line & Carmel Drive or Raney Line at the new Huntington Bank location is RIDICULOUS!!!! Enough is enough!

  • ModestMuse

    Pamela, once the construction work on US-31 is complete, traffic will flow freely around these roundabouts. Currently the traffic backs up at the lights that will soon become roundabouts. It seems the solution to roundabout congestion is additional roundabouts.

    Personally, I hope they city continues until all stoplights are eliminated. You can get places much quicker and safer. If you drive around the roundabout at the suggested speed, I have trouble believing your tires will wear out quicker.

    I do agree with Paul’s email that signage should be much better. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what road you are intersecting with until you are already in the roundabout. The signage could include what lane will take you to what street.

    My biggest gripe with roundabouts are people who decide to merge within roundabouts without looking and drivers who are too timid about entering them. They see a car far down the road that has not yet entered the roundabout and feel the need to yield to them… Looking at the roundabout Paul points out, you are forced to merge within the roundabout in order to go from east Main to north Illinois. This is not ideal…

    • RKW50

      @ Modest, You actually believe that? You do realize, we have been dealing with roundabout construction west of Meridian for FOUR years or more! Now, they are planning more roundabouts at what are some perfectly good intersections (like town and 106th). Some people in charge, and others commenting on here, should realize, when a road is closed, that is not an improvement to traffic flow. Yet, we are apparently up for another 4-5 years of roundabout construction. And yes, signage on flow is terrible on many of the roundabouts. Oh, one more comment……Who designed the multiple roundabouts by St. Vincents? Rube Goldberg? Probably the same person who forgot to allow entering Keystone from 146th.