Let’s not litter in Carmel

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  • RKW50

    Earth to Adam….are you surprised? In a suburb with large lots, and owner occupied housing, you don’t normally have this type of problem. In “Dense” areas the mayor prefers, this is what you get. Soon we will have more fast food places in the bridges development. Think the strewn trash will increase there?

    • Adam Aasen

      I agree with more density this is more of a concern, which I why I’m trying to bring it to people’s attention. Not saying that as a reason for/against increased density, but it is something to keep an eye on because I hate to see trash on the streets of our city.

      • 2 Pedals 2 Wheels

        Agreed. Grand Blvd nearing Old Meridian is terrible as well along with the lot behind Oberer’s and Roberts Camera.

        It will also be disappointing if the city continues to clear and allow to clear every tree on every developed lot in the city center. Many animals, furred and feathered, have been displaced and many mature trees have been cleared completely from lots being developed.