Kindred Spirits: The Hunt Slonem and Carmelo Blandino Art Exhibit

  • IMG_1534
  • IMG_1540
    Carmelo Blandino's Strawberry painting.
  • IMG_1551 2
    Coats-Wright Art & Design co-owners and exhibit presenters Joan Coats Eckert (left) and Dianne Wright (right) pose in front of a Slonem painting.
  • IMG_1552
    The featured artists and lifelong friends Hunt Slonem (left) and Carmelo Blandino (right), with two of Blandino's paintings.
  • IMG_1558
    Tim Wright of the Wright Brothers Band (left) and Clark Woodson (right) provide live music entertainment for exhibit guests.
  • IMG_1564
    Dave Bechtel, marketing consultant for Graphicon (far left), Stacey and Brent Crowder (middle), and Mark Clausman, President of Sterlyn Group, an information security company, (far right), pause for a photo outside the exhibit.
  • IMG_1566
    Linda Waeiss, co-owner of Integrity Automotive in Carmel (left), pauses with her friend Dana Rae Roudebush (right).

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