It’s high time to cut left turns

Andy Ray

Andy Ray is a local businessman, who has lived in Carmel since 1970. He is also secretary of the Central Time Coalition, a grassroots effort to restore Central Time to all of Indiana. He is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church, and enjoys singing in the St. Luke's Chancel Choir. He is an occasional contributor to Current Publishing. You may contact him at

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  • Yeah, this sounds like a great idea! When I’m turning from E. 5th Street left onto Range Line, so I can get to work in the morning on time, count me in for hanging a right instead of a left! I’m willing to spend 15 extra minutes at the Main Street/Range Line stoplight– the only newly legit place to turn back south — and be late for work for the following reason: Obama’s reelection. That’s right! (Let me state flatly that as a trafficflow suggestion, this creates more problems than it solves when you have a bunch of angry Carmelites looking all over for a place to do a 180) But if people get accustomed to turning right when they should be turning left, Carmel will lock in right wing Republican representation well into the next century! This can serve as a model not just in Carmel, but in every place Republicans are challenged by demographics. Forget about kowtowing to pesky Latino concerns about their grandmothers facing deportation. When we turn right in practice — at the wheel — we’ll be more likely to do so at the voting both too. For this I’m willing to spend an extra 15 minutes that could have been spent brewing coffee at work!

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