Indy 500 drivers visit with Carmel city officials

  • AA-COM-0524- Drivers1
    Jonathan Byrd 500 racecar drivers Brian Clauson (Noblesville) and Conor Daly (Noblesville). (Photos by Amy Pauszek for Current Publishing LLC. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Bryan Clauson (Noblesville), Carmel City Councilor Laura Campbell, Conor Daly (Noblesville) and Hamilton Co. Superior Court Judge Rick Campbell.
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    David Byrd, Carmel City Councilor Bruce Kimball, Carmel City Councilor Laura Campbell, Bryan Clauson, Carmel City Councilor President Ron Carter, driver Conor Daly, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard, with Virginia Byrd and Jonathan Byrd. 
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    ryan Clauson (Noblesville), Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard and Conor Daly (Noblesville).
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    Carmel Clerk/Treasurer Christine Pauley, Virginia Byrd and Carmel City Councilor Laura Campbell.

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