How to drive in the roundabout capital of the U.S.

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  • schalliol

    What I’ve seen the most (and I have been guilty of) happens when the roundabouts have been two lane straights for multiple roundabouts in a row and then they change to have the one on the right turning right only. The people in the far right lane are surprised that the roundabout has slashed lines and the lane on the left merges into the lane on the right. I’ve never seen an accident here, as people in both lanes slow if needed and use the slashed area to merge.

    This is done when there’s a 4 lane road turning into a 2 lane road after the roundabout (i.e. Traveling East on Main through Old Meridian).

    Perhaps in such cases there could be warning signs beyond the small white directional signs. Some roundabouts, like some on Spring Mill North of Main, have yellow warning signs to yield to traffic on the left when those are just single lane roundabouts that are simple and you would’ve had to come through already in order to reach these locations.

    Carmel roundabouts are incredible, and I hope lights can be replaced from them when appropriate. Many new roundabouts don’t seem to have landscaping in them (even those years years old like on 96th/Towne and 96th/Shelborne, which is a bummer. I hope that’s coming.

  • Mark

    You should use you right turn signal when entering a RAB.

    Example. When driving west on 96th with the intention of driving north on Westfield Blvd. Your right turn signal will let those driving south on Westfield know they can proceed.

    Getting off of Keystone at any RAB. Your right turn signal will let the others know they can proceed into the RAB.

    Common sense people.