Hoosier Salon nixes plan to move to Carmel

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  • Beth Maier

    The word tacky rings most true to how they played with city of Carmel.

  • Rick Smith

    “4CDC board member Ron Carter declined to reveal the amount of the subsidy that Carmel had prepared to offer.”

    This is exactly the problem. Why do we feel the need to subsidize businesses to move into the ADD? How is it this information on tax dollars can be kept from the Public. Is it Mr. Carter’s money? He acts like it. If it was I could understand and give a care less but when it’s tax dollars it should be disclosed. How many other subsidies are out there and how much do we pay in total? Why the ‘veil of secrecy’?

    “Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice;
    nothing is safe that does not show it can bear discussion and

  • wolfpack08

    Art galleries are nice but who is buying this stuff? The art gallery on the corner of Rangeline and Main closed, likely because no one was buying enough to keep it in business. Why not a gluten-free foods store or something along those lines?

  • johnnyboyjohn

    The reason the Hoosier Art Salon is failing is mainly because of one person: Donna Dole. I have worked with her in the past on matters of the Salon personally. Her attitude, flexibility and ability to get along with other board members reflects a trickle-down effect on the organization. She had a chance years ago to change the identity and marketing strategies of the gallery and bring it into the 21st century but declined. She alone holds too many powers and her decisions have affected the organization and is the reason no younger artists want to join and be a part of it. They can only succeed through membership fees and those are rapidly diminishing. Her reputation proceeds her, just ask any artist under 30 and you’ll get your answer as to why the Salon is failing. Until they oust her, they will continue to slide down.