Holy Cow Cupcakes closing up shop at Carmel’s City Center

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  • Rick Smith

    Karen Sutton – You’ll be back. Based on your remarks I’d say you made a good decision based on what has happened in your Market. I know you learned a lot and I’m sure your experience will only improve your next venture. . All the best!

  • RKW50

    Sorry to see them go. They did a quality job. Over saturation, and their location did them in. There will be more stores in that albatross close unfortunately. Matt The Millers is doing well, and have a visible location. The other places? Not so sure, unless they are getting a sweetheart rent.

  • Cindy68

    Jack & Jill is closing soon as is the Sports Memorabilia store. Signage is deplorable, if a friend hadn’t taken me to a yoga class I never would have known there were stores up there. After almost 3 years they have done a horrible job promoting and drawing people in. I am sorry Karen wasn’t able to make it work, but when your landlord is working against you, how could she of?

  • Kate2014

    So sad. City Center is where businesses go to die.

  • Alice

    Karen – Your cupcakes were the best. None of the other vendors compare. I would follow you anywhere. Go to a lower rent area & raise your prices. Your quality ingredients are worth it.