Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office investigates missing campaign signs

Submitted release courtesy of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

On April 15 the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the theft of campaign signs owned by Hamilton County Councilman Rick McKinney. Councilman McKinney reported three campaign banners missing in the Fishers area, one at 116th Street and Olio Road, one at 116th Street and Cumberland Road, and one at 135th Street and State Road 37.

During the investigation of the campaign sign missing at Cumberland Road and 116th Street, Councilman McKinney discovered a cell phone that officers collected for evidence. Further investigation led Sheriff’s Office officials to the owner of the cell phone, an opponent in the Hamilton County Council election, Fall Creek Township Trustee Jeff Hern.

Trustee Hern was interviewed by Hamilton County detectives regarding the cell phone located at the site of Councilman McKinney’s missing campaign signs. During an interview, Hern informed investigators that his cell phone was missing.

Although Hern is listed as a suspect in the case, no formal charges have been filed at this time. The case has been referred to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office for review. Any further information regarding the case will be issued by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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