Giftwrapping God’s Authority

Bob Walters

Bob Walters (, e-mail worries not when Christ was actually born, but rejoices that in fact He actually was.

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  • Brian Westley

    “But there is one thing lacking in the son’s appraisal of God, faith, and religion; one thing lacking in his vacant atheism: Authority”

    Of course, the authority in religion is totally false and artificial. Plenty of conflicting religions (or more accurately, plenty of high-level officials IN religions) claim such an authority, but of course they can’t all be right, they can only all be wrong.

  • Steve Greene

    “Reflecting on her father’s conviction of there ‘not being a God,’ the middle daughter said out loud on the ride home from church one Sunday, ‘Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t lie to us about Jesus.’ Thank God for little children who see truth by the light of Christ.”

    Right, intellectually naive children understand rationality and critical thinking and know how to avoid fallacious reasoning so much better than educated adults, and after all the child’s argument was so cogent.

    And religious believers wonder why atheists scoff at the “reasoning” the rhetoric of religious apologetics is filled with.

    And then there’s that hoary Christian canard against atheism that’s only immediately debunked by its own obvious chicanery: “There can be no authority in atheism because atheism is defined by there not being objective, righteous, cosmic, this-is-the-final-answer authority in anything. The only thing with that kind of authority is God. So: no God, no authority, no truth. What’s left are strong personal opinions.”

    Indeed, the fundamental issue atheists have with religious belief is precisely that of what atheists use for their authority: Reality. Which is why atheists always tell religious proponents, ‘Don’t bother me with your fabrications. Don’t waste my time with your vacuous red herring word games, since your one and only task is produce good real world evidence to substantiate your religious beliefs – but, of course, that is precisely what you cannot do – that’s why it’s called ‘religious faith. Duh.’ Religious faith – that principle of religious belief that says explicitly that it’s perfectly okay to believe what you choose to believe regardless of any real world evidence. The principle used by religious believers of all religious stripes to not only believe whatever they want despite there not being good real world evidence for it (i.e., the ultimate appeal to pure subjectivism).

    In other words, when religious apologists start misrepresenting atheists as having no authority, we just laugh and laugh at the irony of this standard piece of false rhetoric used by those who employ a principle that in epistemological terms relies purely on personal opinion, since it deliberately denies dealing with the requirements of producing good real world evidence in the first place, and thus denies the only actual authority there really is, which is reality itself.

  • Mike Carmel

    You are casting all atheists with what I think is a fictitious person. Even if this 30 year old man is real, he certainly does not represent atheists. Authority? Mr. Greene states it very well. Of course we recognize authority. When I read the bible, God’s gift wrapping of authority includes wiping out humanity at a moments notice. Bob, please take a step back and read what you wrote. These are the kinds of distortions that made me wake up and walk away from all religions.