First house in Carmel being brought to life again

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  • Really grateful to see the Ehrgott family stepped up to save this piece of history. People like them are what makes Carmel such a great community.

    Thank you!

  • Thorvington Finglethorpe

    That’s a lovely property, glad to see it being spruced up and revitalized.

  • carmeldriver

    i drive by this house daily and have for quite a few years, from the auction signs to watching it be restored it has been very exciting to see. Congrats on such a neat project it looks gorgeous! i am sure everyone would love to see photos if you ever decide to do before and after shots on a blog!

  • TinaM

    Thank you for sharing this. Its been so exciting to see what they’ve done and I’ve wanted to stop and tell them how amazing it looks–but just never have seen them out or thought of it!

  • Brandi

    I’ll have to drive by and see, love to see history being preserved!