Fire camp a blast of fun for local Carmel kids

  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp1
    Brayden Johnson, 8, climbs up the fire engine at the Carmel Fire Dept. fire training camp for kids this summer. (Photos by Feel Good Now)
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp2
    Dylan Delise, 8, pretends to drive the engine and teach the kids around him how to “turn it on.”
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp3
    Fireman Dan Edwards, right, teaches the kids the different parts and functions of the fire engine.
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp4
    Corbyn Eaton, 8, catches water out of a hose leak to throw on his face to cool off from the 80-degree weather.
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp5
    Tim Griffin, firefighter, getting the kids excited to play a game of Waterball
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp6
    Chad Utzig, firefighter, quizzes the kids on the functions of the different parts of the fire engine
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp7
    A team of kids celebrates its waterfall tug-of-war game victory.
  • CIC-COM-0804- Fire Camp8
    Sparky (the CFD mascot) giving high fives to the kids

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