Fighting for family and faith: From humble beginnings, State Sen. Mike Delph becomes a household name

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    Mike Delph plays guitar with his daughter, Lilly, by his side. The rest of the family looks on in their Carmel home. (Photo by Sam Aasen)
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    The Delph family at their Carmel home. They are, from left, Emma, Evelyn, Mike, Anna, Beth, Abby and, in front, Lilly. (Photo by Sam Aasen)

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  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    Fighting for family and faith are wonderful things to fight for in your home, community, or church. In our Democratic Republic Government, I want my elected officials to fight for the economy, roads, and low taxes! I would also prefer my elected official not be “famous” because of inappropriate social media rants.

  • Mike Delph knows the Constitution just about better than anyone I know. I expect my elected officials to follow that Constitution and am glad that Mike is my Senator and does that.

  • Scott Dillon

    Mike Delph is the rare principled politician, and we in Carmel are all fortunate to have him representing us.

  • Open-minded

    is no longer a mystery where the Bible came from. Biblical scholars can and have identified the different
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