Experts speak on ‘True Islam’ at Carmel Clay Public Library

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  • What a pile of takiya. The anmadis are apostates.

    • They seem to have taken over the public libraries to propagate allah’s lies and blasphemies.

  • Ilpalazzo

    The Ahmadiyyas are condemned by 99% of Muslims. This is a taqqiya sect sent to nonMuslim countries to deceive and entice nonmuslims.

  • ‘True Islam’, as with islam in general, denies the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is thus antichrist.

  • Eric Morris

    Osama bin Laden attacked US because 1) US kept bombing Iraq after Gulf War, 2) using bases in the “holiest of places”, Saudi Arabia, and 3) Because of US support of Israeli occupation of Palestine. ISIS has attacked France and Belgium because they are/were part of bombing coalition of ISIS. “Our” actions cause their reactions, nothing less, nothing more. If the west left them alone, they would not kill us and there’d be no reason for me to be fondled and harassed by the TSA.