Even here: Heroin use growing in Carmel

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  • concerned

    Obviously this is a disgusting problem, and is a symptom of a loss of hope in this country. I don’t agree with the statement that legalizing a plant in 2 states would increase the use of this killer, especially when you failed to mention the glaring fact that our own military grows it in Afghanistan and has made billions off of it’s production and sale. It is also reported by several whistle blowers that they fly it here in military planes. Or maybe it has to do with a hopeless double digit unemployment rate for members of this same age group. Anyways, I guarantee the solution is not more money for the “task forces”, give me a break, it is obviously more complex than that. I appreciate bringing this epidemic to light, but this article is riddled with subtle manipulative double speak, and that same manipulation of morals is the root cause of almost all of our problems in this once great nation.