Effort to remove 126th Street stop sign is defeated again

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  • RKW50

    They need to listen to neighbors, like Jordan. Are those streets not specifically for the local neighborhoods, and not just for convenience of people traveling through? I noticed that recently, they put a stop sign on 91st street, next to Nora School, specifically for the safety of folks needing to cross for the school. Maybe Carmel should take an example from Indy for a change. Spring Mill for example, is starting to become an expressway, instead of the residential street it was planned for. Because we have roundabouts at 106th, and 116th, during rush hour, its very dangerous to try and pull out on the street, as there are no breaks in traffic. Sometimes stop signs (and stop lights) serve a purpose.

  • MikeH

    No worries folks, next year, the new councillors will put “Carmel First” and the area residents last.