Drugs, money and politics: a look at the players in the Carmel drug raid

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  • Thorvington Finglethorpe

    The name Larry Ley rings a bell. …It seems like he’s been involved in some sort of shenanigans in the past… Off to google I go.

  • Little Friend

    Larry Ley had a bond reduction hearing today in Hamilton County. I do not know the results, but the fellow attempting to bail him out is a named James Washburn. Google Jim Washburn vs State of Indiana. He has a drug conviction as well. He is also the current CEO of Park 100 Foods in Tipton. He is $30,000 behind on his personal property tax on his million dollar home across the lake from the drug dealer Larry Ley. Two Peas in a Pod! Come on DEA keep digging!

  • Layla Lyttle

    That should be a clue, by him saying he’s put more dealers out of business than any cop has.